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I am looking for a way to filter/manage event invitations/potential things to do.

So an aggregator where you can "plug in" streams of events, such as:
* facebook group events
* general facebook events
* meetup events
* etc

Maybe with some way to train a filter what kind of things I like. Bonus if my data isn't sold :)

I have a question. This is beyond my area of competence - understood few of the technical parts - so bear with me here :)

This is how I understand the parts relevant to my question:

You want to:

  1.  Simulate the chaotic environment to be "perceived"
  2. Formalize the perceiving. "info-at-a-distance"
  3. Check if the "perceived info" contains patterns/"structural organizations" similar to those used by humans.

The question is about fundamental assumptions of this work.
Given that my understanding is correct, then I wonder:

Since you create both the simulated environment, and the "perceiver", wouldn't that risk introducing bias? If the "perceiver" outputs human-like structures, is there any way to say whether they originate from an "objective" process, or if they originate from you? 

When you model "chaos", you are deciding on the representation. 
You are using mathematics, a formalized system optimized to be used by humans. 
And you use math/your intuition to formalize "the perceiving".


Taking a step back I realize that GAI "in the wild" will most likely be "subjected" to the same human influences. But I haven't thought about it a lot and I'm curious about your take on this.