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OK, I went on a rant and revived my blog after 4 years of inactivity because entries aren't supposed to be entered as comments but are supposed to be linked to instead.

You should think about the incentives of posting early in the 2 month window rather than late. Later entries will be influenced by earlier entries so you have a misalignment between wanting to win the prize and wanting to advance the conversation sooner. Christiano ought to announce that if one entry builds in a valuable way on an earlier entry by someone else, the earlier submitter will also gain subjective judgy-points in a way that he, Paul, affirms is calibrated neither to penalize early entry nor to discourage work that builds on earlier entries.

It's not that hard to answer, if there is a teapot on the ISS then it just depends on whether the ISS is on the night side or the day side of Earth.