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Open Thread May 9 - May 15 2016

There's a typo in the title ("Open Threat").

Open thread, Mar. 16 - Mar. 22, 2015

Could you give a specific example of this foggy thinking? In which ways is it different from an Ugh field ?

Open thread, Dec. 15 - Dec. 21, 2014

What magazines would a LW member probably want to read/subscribe to?

October 2014 Bragging thread.

That's great! Are you planning on claiming your Hanson hour? (If you prefer, Hanson is fine with people selling their hours for other people).

Open thread, Oct. 6 - Oct. 12, 2014

It may be too late now, but would it have been more appropriate to post this under the Media Thread? I was not sure whether the media thread was only for recommending media, or also for asking for recommendations.

Open thread, Oct. 6 - Oct. 12, 2014

Thank you, I will take a look at The Martian.

Open thread, Oct. 6 - Oct. 12, 2014

I have started reading Qualia the Purple, a manga strongly recommended by a few LWers, such as Eliezer and Gwern. In his recommendation, Eliezer wrote: "The manga Qualia the Purple has updated with Ch. 14-15. This is what it looks like to “actually try” at something."

Does anyone else know good examples of "actually trying" in other media? Over the LW IRC channel, Gwern linked to this page (Warning, TV Tropes), and specifically recommended Monster. Any other suggestions?