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2014 Less Wrong Census/Survey

Did the survey! ...And now to upvote everything.

Rationality Quotes May 2014

It reminds me of Justice Potter Stewart: "I know it when I see it!"

The Strangest Thing An AI Could Tell You

I knew we shouldn't have spent all that funding on awakening the Elder God Cthulhu!

The Strangest Thing An AI Could Tell You

Oh god. That... makes a scary amount of sense. If an AI told me that I would probably believe it. I'd also start training myself to be more of a "night-time person".

Welcome to Less Wrong! (6th thread, July 2013)

Hi, my name is Joe. I live in North Jersey. I was born into a very religious Orthodox Jewish family. I only recently realized I how badly I was doublethinking.

I started with HPMOR (as, it seems, do most people) and found my way into the Sequences. I read them all on OB, and was amazed at how eloquently someone else could voice what seems to be my thoughts. It laid out bare the things I had been struggling with.

Then I found LW and was mostly just lurking for a while. I only made an account when I saw this post and realized how badly I wanted to upvote some of the comments :).

I think this site and the Sequences on it have changed my life, and I'm glad to finally be part of it.