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Do many people see capitalism as an end rather than a very good means?


I found a link. This is intriguing. However, is it even possible now that Eliezer is 2 for 2 that somebody could believe that there is not a chance they will let him out?

Also, I really want to be a gatekeeper.


Eliezer's page is blocked at my work (peronal website). I can't wait to find out what in the hell you people are talking about.


Is there any reason that some values shouldn't be lexicographically ordered?


semantic difference, I think. Isn't the distinction just "possible ways this world could be" versus "which of all possible worlds is this one." Is there a meaningful difference?


"Feeling good is not the point."

but it sure does feel good.


"So... Should it be obvious that the nth difference is n factorial? I'm afraid I don't have intuitive knowledge of all the properties of the factorial function."

I don't remember writing this. Did somebody else write this using the same handle as me or did I write this and forget it?


LG, Doesn't that mean you like the post, specifically becuase it appeals to confirmation bias, one of the known biases we should be seeking to overcome?


"So can we learn to recognize the sound of a "cult cooler", cooling down the cultishness, and distinguish it from a fake recording of such? Or at least invent a cultometer, so we can check our cultempature?"

We could just ask our perfect Baysian leaders. They know all and understand all.

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