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You get paid if Wave does well whether they like you or not.

Private companies can and do prevent people they don't like from selling stock to private buyers. So as an addition to this comment, I'd note that "the ability to cash out before an IPO 5+ years in the future" is a strong reason not to make an enemy of your former startup.

I've historically said 1-2 weeks of skilled engineering work. That will lower by a factor of 2 after this branch, plus some follow ups, get merged.

Thanks for writing about ForumMagnum! This software is so much of my life, but understandably gets little attention an an object in its own sake.

That's changing a bit now, and more people are reaching out about using it. — I think it's the best forum software out there.

If someone reading this wants to build an instance, feel free to reach out.

Talon Voice, which I use for voice-commanding my computer, is very fast and has a linux version. I don't know if it would run on a small machine, but it seems worth a shot. And it seems perfect for your command-centered use-case. To get more information, I would ask in their slack.

I love this post. Both the content, and the writing — I felt like you were happily telling me about your interest, and it made me happy.

My mom and her siblings report learning their phone number this way. It's effective enough that I know that the house phone of my grandparents half a century ago ends in seven.

This is extreme JP bait.

Exactly the sort of mild optimization that I will become obsessed with.

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