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Are you asking why EAs aren't more concerned with frugality?


Interesting - is donating a regular chunk of your income a 'thing' in the x-risk/rationalist community, like it is for global poverty people with the Life You Can Save and Giving What We Can pledges?


1 question following the nootropics update: has there recently been any more data on side effects and risks of the top-rated noots in that link (e.g. Armodafinil)?


I do not think EA is about things that are relatively easy to measure. It is about doing things with the highest expected value. It is just that due partly to regression to the mean things with measurably high values should have among the highest expected values. See Adam Caseys posts on 80 000 Hours.


Do we have any sense what % of LessWrong followers complete the census? Does it have wide coverage of effective altruists too? I've yet to meet one here - is there any sort of dataset with effective altruist locations available?


Hello, I'm an effective altruist from Algeria. Does this make me the only reader from Algeria?