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At the university I have met 2 types of professors. The first type will explain the new topic in very academic and strictly professional way. The second type will explain the topic in a plain language, in a very easy-to-understand way. If I look at it from the perspective of countersignaling, I would describe the first type as contrarian and the second type as meta-contrarian. My observation is also that the contrarian would be usually younger professor in his late thirties or forties, and meta-contrarian would be professor in his sixties and up.

I am a hyperbolic discounter. Now I can see it clearly. I always default on my own promise to myself that I will stop at doing things that just waste my time (like reading fanfiction, or just plainly procrastinating) at some specific point in time. Then when that time point finally arrives I just continue wasting my time, and I make the same promise as before. I tell myself the same lie as before. However, now I know the problem and I have the tool - the Shelling fence. Now I can face the problem straight ahead and concur it. Wish me well.

Sometimes I am afraid to look at my past because I fear silly mistakes I have made and opportunities I have missed. I know that I cannot change the past and I know that this fear is unreasonable and foolish. I am new on this site. So, I hope that one day I will be also able to look upon my past and say 'Opps' and say confidently that I learned something valuable from it.