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Synthesis of subagents: exercise

Yes it does. I was “hooked” by this whole idea also because screenwriting is a legacy of the theater, and theater, and the mysteries that preceded it, were used in ancient times as a “psychotherapeutic” tool. (If we have the right to say so).

I read the description of the ancient Egyptian mysteries (I don’t know to what extent it corresponded to the truth) - there in the first "acts" they talked about Osiris, his history, etc., always emphasizing his "sunny", "summer" nature. And at the very end of the mystery, the priest whispered in the ear of the initiate: "Osiris is a dark god." Even in a simple retelling, this phrase was to some extent a shock - at the same time as surprise and “synthesis”.

Rationality Exercises Prize of September 2019 ($1,000)

I want to share an exercise that I have been using for a long time - to integrate ideas and subagents (if to speak using multiagent model of mind)