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This collector post is referencing a DFW meetup that already happened. This is the upcoming one:

Either way, the information about location and time remains the same - but if this is an automatically generated list, you might want to look into why it's spitting out past meetups.

OP here. I forgot to bring a "LessWrong" sign (or paper).

I'm in a green shirt + jeans and have a gateway laptop with an apple sticker on it. My name is "Mike."

EDIT: From our discussion, here's the links we talked about:

Yea, I was aware of this. I didn't know what kind of turnout there would be, and I was planning on splitting it into Dallas and Fort Worth meet ups once there was enough folks to keep the momentum going.

I enjoy meditation, especially group meditation. It calms me down and helps me stay a bit more focused. I just want to do without the new age hippy bullshit. My eyes start to glaze over when people start to talk about God, chakras, and auras.

I need to bum some karma here. I want to start a Dallas / Fort Worth metro meetup. It's the largest metro in the US without an active LessWrong group, which is inexcusable!

Sundays at America's Best Coffee in Arlington at 1 PM starting this coming Sunday, 4/29/12.