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I am living in Bielefeld, which is a bit far away to attend on a regualr basis, but I will try to visit on a future occasion if possible.

It is supposed to be a way to spread the ideas of rationality to a bigger population, in a way that is as entertaining as possible. Any specifics will be developed during the meetup. I can publish these specifics in the next meetup's description. If anybody wants to take part in the development of the Youtube-channel then or even now, please contact me.

A mistake from using copy and paste. Thanks for mentioning it.

A while ago i started to motivate myself with good old conditioning. Every time I started to work on a project I ate an M&M. (I actually got the idea from the very first lecture from what will soon be the "Center of Modern Rationality" concerning the sunken cost fallacy.) This "technique" worked suprisingly well. After a while my subconciousness seemed to become a little less reluctant to start working. My "mod" was better. Could be a placebo effect of course, and could only work on myself, but its cost nothing to try. Let me know please if someone actually does.

The reason why we are supposed to be able to prove, that two particles are identical, is because quantum mechanics allows us to make an experiment, which has a certain outcome only! if the two particles taking part in the experiment are identical (the amplitudes add up). However, there is no prove that the amplitudes of "P1 at L1, P2 at L2" and "P1 at L2, P2 at L1" can't add up, even if P1 and P2 are different particles. Its only what quantum mechanics tells us. Because, although quantum mechanics is a brilliant and most successful model of the real world, it is still a model. Therefore the particles could have different properties, which are ignored by quantum mechanics but which are very real. Consequently the experiment still only "fails to establish a difference" as Bob said.

This is for everybody who can't wait on the upcoming e-book. I put the Basic quantum explanations in an e-book format myself, which you can download here: http://www.share-online.biz/dl/COXXQR5M6NJ0 The format is for the Amazon Kindle. I created it by copying the html-versions into Word, removing the comments, saving them as .pdf, and finally i created the e-book with callibre. The pictures are sligthly above the place where they are supposed be, apart from that everything should be fine.