Kabir Kumar

Co-Founder and Director at https://ai-plans.com 
Please get in touch if you're: 
- A skilled JS developer 
- Interested in joining the Critique-a-Thon ( https://ai-plans.com/contest )
- Interested in being a judge for the Critique-a-Thon

Wiki Contributions


Thank you. We just had some writers join, who're, among other things, going to make an up to date About Us section. some out of date stuff is available on https://aiplans.substack.com
Something that we use internally is:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wcVlWRTKJqiXOvKNl6PMHCBF3pQItCCcnYwlWvGgFpc/edit?usp=sharing

We're primarily focused on making a site rebuild atm, which has a lot of new and improved features users have been asking for. Preview (lots of form factor stuff broken atm) at: https://ai-plans-site.pages.dev/

My Clients, The Liars

And All The Shoggoths Merely Players

Acting Wholesomely

These are the most obvious examples. By 'clickbait', here I mean a title that's more for drawing in readers than accurately communicating what the post is about. Doesn't mean it can't be accurate too - after all, MrBeast rarely lies in his video titles - but it means that instead of choosing the title that is most accurate, they chose the most eye catching and baiting title out of the pool of accurate/semi-accurate titles.

update on my beliefs - among humans of above average intelligence, the primary factor for success is willpower - stamina, intensity and consistency

You might be interested in the Broad List of Vulnerabilities

Thank you, this is useful. Planning to use this for AI-Plans.

Hasn't that happened?

Yet, the top posts on LessWrong are pretty much always clickbaited, just in the LessWrong lingo.
The Curated Posts seem to be some of the worst cases of this:

I find that LessWrong folk in general are really, really, susceptible to deception and manipulation when it's done in their language.

Week 3: How hard is AI alignment?


Seems like something important to be aware of, even if they may disagree.

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