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MIRI Research Guide

Sure, I'll go ahead and send you a private message shortly. Anyone else that comes across this and is interested in participating is welcome to send me a private message.

The Less Wrong Study Hall suggestion is worth considering for this. We can discuss other possible options as well.

MIRI Research Guide

I'm new to Less Wrong and became interested in learning some of the material in the MIRI research guide when I discovered the now outdated MIRI recommended course list. I'm currently working my way through the sequences while also going through Rosen's discrete math textbook (I'm also about 25% through the book right now).

You mention that the new guide has helped to motivate you and I can relate to this. Something else that may help with motivation (thinking of myself here but could apply to others) might be to provide a way for people who plan to go through this material on their own to interact somehow (even if it's just sharing information related to their own progress, setting goals that other people can see, etc.). Also, this could create an easy way to provide MIRI with some idea of the number of people interested, what area of the guide they're in, the kind of progress they are making, and whether or not they encounter any obstacles.