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Your life, your choice. Just saying as a career machine learning specialist, just make sure your plans are robust. Leaving academica to go into what could be considered ML research raised major red flags to me. But I don't know your situation - you may have a golden opportunity. Job offer from OpenAI et al! Farewell and good luck.

I'll rephrase. Wanting to take a drastic career turn could be a symptom of many other things. Degree burnout. Wanting to do a different subject. Depression. Chronic fatigue from an unknown medical cause. Wanting to get out of a situation (relationship, etc). I do not know you, so any guess I would make would not be helpful. But my gut feel is that it is worth getting second opinions from those close to you with more information. This is an online forum- I suggest you get second opinion before making drastic decisions. I know of several people taking PhDs without having things clear in their mind. That didn't work out well

Are you sure you want to drop out of Stanford?

You will have signifantly more prestige, capability to choose your own future, and leverage with that degree. And depending on your degree subject, some very useful skills.

I don't know your situation, but I recommend getting viewpoints from off this forum. Relatives, uni student support services, etc. This may be a symptom, not a cause. Harsh, but potentially helpful.