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Still not regretting, what do I win?

One of the benefits of being way out on the fringe is that no one has bothered to make arguments against you yet, so you get to be right. You get to be a critic without being critiqued in turn. Good times.

I like this and I think I'm prone to forgetting this for a few months, then asking questions then realizing plenty of important bits haven't been thought through.

How resistant are these generalizations from fictional evidence?

You're too conservative Konkvistador,

I'm to the right of Konkvistador and I think this is a fully general argument contra Konkvistador.

No. Meta has a infinite regress or you just aren't meta enough about it.

Echoing komponisto, my job is incredibly non demanding of my cognitive resources so I constantly listening to audiobooks, youtube channels, and TCC/TMS Lectures at 2x speed. Over the course of an 8 hr work day I can finish about 200 pages at reasonable comprehension.

I'll be frank.

The black dog is stronger than I. My mother died in May and I took on these projects in an attempt to stay busy and not depressed. Unfortunately all I did was damage my reputation by appearing flighty and flaky. After losing about 60$ on Beeminder, I realized that any special projects must be put on hold until I sort myself out. It's a good project to do, Hanson has a lot of unique insights, but I cannot, for now at least, do them.

I got sidetracked by Evil Real Life Issues of Local Importance and didn't make much progress in July on a Comprehensive post about a topic (my first post was going to be about the topic "If truth is lovecraftian (that is there exist real basilisks, Why Use Truth, this the recent post as a fulcrum and using other posts to support the theme) that approach is proving to complex for my available time commitment so I'm just going to break it up into shorter posts. That should allow me to get something out next week and produce a summary of large-ish chunks of posts and how they relate to each other assuming the Evil Local Important Issues have truly gone away and I can get some hobby non work focus stuff done. Depressingly I didn't have enough time for Summer Projects as I thought so I'll only be able to sum up a small amount of the whole as classes begin in the fall and then I'll be juggling work/school life and I simply won't have energy for anything but short posts.

Sorry for the delay, but it looks like Hofstadter's Law has struck me. You'll most likely see progress intermittently with larger swaths being done during academic breaks. I honestly thought my summer was more free, again, whoops.

This sounds like Alain de Boton's Religion for Atheists without the bullshit Temple to Atheism and Agape Restaurants.

This is a good idea. I am really in support of the graphs. There are not enough graphs here lately.

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