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At least the top hits that you point to on Google Scholar seem like they're going for something slightly different than what I'm doing here though: They seem to talk about how to write a formal literature review paper or section of a dissertation. I'm trying to describe a process for getting familiar with an entirely new field, even though you might not be publishing a paper as a result of your literature review. I'm also trying to write something that's a little bit more friendly and pragmatic than what usually gets published in academic journals.

Some of the work you link to in "how to read a scientific paper" are more similar in style to what I'm going for, and I would probably have benefitted from looking at those earlier in my graduate school career.

I added a note in the post to acknowledge this feedback. Thank you for reading and commenting!

Thanks, Krabbyos! You're right. I should have fact-checked that rather than repeating second-hand verbal information. I will update the post.