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Low Hanging fruit for buying a better life

wiki has a small blurb on phytic acid ( that highlights its propensity to bind to minerals and render them useless. there's some rumblings in paleo circles about the role phytic acid plays in tooth decay - they got their info from the weston a price foundation - but i don't think anything concrete has been discovered. it's not going to kill you by any stretch but soaking and slowly roasting your nuts is pretty easy to do and makes them better nutritionally.

agree there is a taste trade-off with some cuts of beef, but to be honest i haven't had grain-fed beef in quite a long time so i couldn't really get specific with you. depends on where you sit on the health/enjoyment spectrum when it comes to food. not clear that my position is better than yours

i might just be quicker to get annoyed by meditation woo-woo, who knows. the centre i went to made us chant that we were the lowest of the low. not a fan of that

fair enough about the bike, my bike commute takes about 50 minutes which is probably approaching the limit of what you'd want to do as a beginner (which i am as well, literally every other cyclist overtakes me)

sorry about the late reply, new to LW so i haven't yet done a good job of integrating it into my browsing habits

Ethical Diets

there's no convenient name unfortunately. you could more or less call it paleo, but paleo is more concerned with the health benefits for the human than the health benefits for the animal.

Low Hanging fruit for buying a better life

I purchased a Blunt umbrella for AUD$90 mid last-year when i lost yet another umbrella due to windiness. If you don't think you'll leave it behind you anywhere I'd recommend it.

Also just purchased a Jawbone Up, I felt was a good balance between subtly motivating good behaviours without being too involved. Mainly bought it for the alarm function though.

I buy biltong from Byron Bay Jerky, only place I found that uses grass-fed beef. Prices are pretty comparable across providers for this but if you can find someone to split the 2.5kgs with then you've got a pretty good deal. Other healthy snack ideas would be nuts (pre-soaked to remove phytates), chia pudding (chia seeds + some sort of milk + flavourings. i use coconut milk but any will do), coconut chips & more involved things like frittata muffins.

Meditation classes seem a good option, I've tried a couple though and they had a lot of spiritual baggage that didn't appeal to me. If you find a secular class I'd be interested.

Cycling is a low-impact exercise, and has the benefit of being able to get you places. Replacing your commute with a bike ride - if feasible - would be a good way to integrate exercise into your life.