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Established intuitions don't accept these works but I do accept them. That means those institutions must suck and I don't. If you've actually dropped out of those established institutions, then I can definitely see why it might be the case.

Existential meaning. It seems that the individual's existential issues are generally correlated to the outreach of their own existence and the work associated with it. The more people they reach, the more meaningful they feel their work is. I was kind of trapped in this type of mindset for many years, thinking my life must be very meaningful because of how many people I've reached. If my work doesn't reach as many people, or even no one, then it must not be that meaningful. If that's the case, does the content and actual substance of the work mean anything at all? Of course, the meaning of the work itself can be objectively and quantitatively measured, just like many historical achievements in math and sciences. Outside of objectivity, the meaning becomes a lot more ambiguous as we can both live with or without great art works that wouldn't have really affected life in general very much. If you aren't listening or watching one artist, you could be listening or watching another artist. The content itself seems rather irrelevant in that sense.

If that's the case regarding existential meaning, then isn't it just about passing on your jeans?

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