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OK, poll deleted. I wasn't quite sure if a poll was appropriate anyway... your comment tipped me over the edge.

I really like this idea. The biggest bottleneck to getting it off the ground is probably lack of traffic.

People have previously argued that politics discussion will attract the wrong sort of people to Less Wrong, which seems likely to me. One way to achieve the best of both worlds: allow posting of links to Omnilibrium from Less Wrong open threads, with the caveat that all politics discussion is kept on Omnilibrium. This signal-boosts Omnilibrium content without attracting the wrong people to Less Wrong. For example, I could link to these recent Omnilibrium posts of mine from an open thread: Is faster economic growth good for improving long-run outcomes for humanity?, Reconciling Transhumanism and Neoreaction.

To keep things fair, the only caveat is that if you link to Omnilibrium from Less Wrong you should try to editorialize the link as little as possible. Try to frame it as a neutral pointer to off-site discussion rather than beating your personal hobby horse. This way others will be less tempted to respond on LW. And of course remind everyone that all political discussion should take place on Omnilibrium.

Should we experiment with the norm of allowing this?