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No Really, Why Aren't Rationalists Winning?

To be clear: I don't actually live there.

No Really, Why Aren't Rationalists Winning?

I disagree with the norm that we shouldn't be a community. Maybe this is my aspie-ness talking. Maybe this is my childhood trauma talking. But caring about rationality, as well as curiosity and skepticism, is a pretty big part of who I am and I want to have a group of people in my life who are okay with that. I want to have people I can be rational around without them being rude or condescending towards me.

For example, I want people I can be around an acknowledge that high rents are caused by housing shortages instead of "tech-bros". I want it to be safe to say that without being accused of mansplaining. And people who have some interest in rationality, any interest at all, are the only people I really feel fully safe around for this reason.

Applause Lights

I voted for Justin Trudeau but DAMN! Listen to his speeches! They're terrible!

Atheism = Untheism + Antitheism

I've always thought saying that babies are atheists is like saying rocks are atheists.

The Virtue of Narrowness

If I knew this when I was 18 I would have been less of a know-it-all.

Intellectual Hipsters and Meta-Contrarianism

This triad was missed:

"Muslims are terrorists!" / "Islam is a religion of peace." / "Religion is problematic in general but Islam is the worst and I can back that claim up with statistics I read on Sam Harris' blog."

Interpersonal Entanglement

You ever hear of the "illusion of transparency"? Because you seem really overconfident in your ability to interpret other people's writing.

Interpersonal Entanglement

I acknowledge they exist. I also acknowledge they aren't all that good.

Interpersonal Entanglement

Most new technology has risk or sideeffects at the time it get's adopted.

Who the heck said we were talking about "the time it gets adopted"?

I didn't say baseless assertion but baseless speculation given that you don't seem to have covered the basic research of looking into the issues surrounded the existing technology, your speculation about future technology is per definition baseless.

This is a forum where people regularly talk about terraforming mars and building dyson spheres even if they have little knowledge about the subject and I'm not allowed to speculate about cosmetic bodily upgrades?

Interpersonal Entanglement

Yes, but the gym has a decisive advantage: it's real and the transhuman technology is imaginary.

The transhuman technology is a tentative speculation of what could happen in the future.

Remember this is a forum where people regularly talk about terraforming mars and building dyson spheres, I think speculating about transhumanism is appropriate in that context.

Which aren't all that diverse if you're talking about looks.

I'm unsure about this. My taste in looks for mating partners is very diverse, and I'm only one individual. But then again I'm likely to be an outlier and it would be silly to assume other people are like me. But even if it's true that women don't have diverse tastes, I don't think that means we should throw male individuals under the bus by denying them bodily upgrades just for the sake of "diversity". Imagine going up to Joe Wilson of Boston and saying: "sorry bro, but we're going to keep you fat so we can have diversity."

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