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I'm an openly trans person in the Rationalist community and I want to go on record here saying:

Writing a 21,000 word essay about how you've been suppressing your gender dysphoria since you were a kid and posting it on LessWrong is not a healthy way of addressing your gender dysphoria.

And btw in one of the blog posts Zach links in this post, they call their transgender impulses as "the beautiful feeling at the center of my life."

This essay has a lot of self-hate in it which is self-destructive and although I respect your Freedom of Speech and Bodily Autonomy I think it would be unwise for anyone to emulate Zach. 

Jeez... this was, somehow relatable.

I wonder if autistics in general tend to experience this.

I've always thought saying that babies are atheists is like saying rocks are atheists.

This triad was missed:

"Muslims are terrorists!" / "Islam is a religion of peace." / "Religion is problematic in general but Islam is the worst and I can back that claim up with statistics I read on Sam Harris' blog."

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