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re: Being able to use touchpad: may be a setup you haven't seen before.

(When I had bad RSI I used Kensington Expert Trackball Mouse solely for the ball and Kinesis Dual Pedal for clicking.)

Thanks for expanding on this! :)

I lurked around the EA space for a couple of years, giving a little to AMF, then GiveDirectly, and recently found climate change as the area that resonated with me the most -- causing me to plan to give more than I have in the past. Then I thought, do I regret helping those people, if I believe climate change is the most pressing issue? Thankfully, one of the replies to my question quashed my concern, as a few hundred dollars offsets my previous donations.

I definitely agree with your point that the 10% norm is more important. Though I'll admit I was a little curious for the group of people who

  • already earn to give
  • have a different cause area
  • are concerned enough about climate change to offset their flights

how far one could argue carbon impact of decisions to convince them to change their -- not sure if there is an altruism term homologous to 'asset allocation' -- giving ratio more towards climate change.

Can you talk more about retirement and earning to give? I see you max out your 401k, but am curious how much you have saved for retirement and how much you think you'll need. Retirement fears have been the only cause of trepidation when I think about earning to give.

Thanks for the helpful reply!

Thanks for the helpful reply!

Has there been any discussions of the carbon costs of saving lives? e.g. you save an estimated 100 lives via AMF donations, how much do you need to donate to CATF to offset that? It might help people balance the causes they care about.