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Oh, I agree. As a non-us person who will have to fill that additional friction is not welcome.

But the system was in the making for years, I remember discussing it with someone 4+ years ago. Which, again, points against "retaliation to the US" as a main explanation.

EU to require online Visa applications by Americans before retaliation to a similar set of rules by the USA

That's very US-centric view.

  1. It is not a visa in the usual sense, not more than ESTA is a visa.
  2. EU to require this application for every country that it currently has visa-free regime with.

Which makes "we want to somewhat vet people coming in" (same as US) more likely than "let us show those yankees who's the boss"

In response, because my open window of Bing-related tabs looked like this,

Non-AI response, but I cannot recommend Firefox + Tree Style Tab enough.

It's one of those things that made me think "how did I go without it".

Elevate the end of the bed by 3-5 degrees

Um...which one?


no one is making such complications


Do you feelfree to

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Most people have non-linear utility of money. Going from 10 thousand to 1 million is less impactful than going from 1 million to 1.99 million, even though it's the same absolute change.

There's a tool called "certain equivalent" which can help with answering "how much do I value money?"

It boils down to repeatedly asking and answering question: "If I had a choice between $X and 50% of $Y at which X would I be ambivalent about which side I pick" for different value of $Y, e.g. for Bob, the 25 year old postdoc it may be

50% chance of Equivalent to certainty of
$10 $5
$100 $50
$1000 $500
$10000 $4000
$100000 $35000
$500000 $75000

Notice how at higher level certain equivalent is no longer just dividing by two. For Bob utility from having $75k is higher than 50% of utility of having $400k. The reason for this nonlinearity is usually downstream effects of having money. E.g. for Bob $75k would be enough to get a downpayment for house he wants and highly increase chance of him a comfortable life down the line. 50% chance of buying the house outright is not worth the risk for Bob.

Molotov looks pretty close. You can of make it better by

mixing in a sticking agent (petroleum jelly, motor oil, etc.)

but general scheme remains the same.

Looking for recommendation: tools (or flows in popular software) to easily stack rank/sort lists. Bonus points if it helps with "get top 5 items" without doing full sorting.

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