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Unrolling social metacognition: Three levels of meta are not enough.

I also agree that things should be written even if the idea may not be perfect, but that imperfection is what helps improve and become a clearer model. And, Bravo on at least the first polemic to kinda support your idea about the levels of metacognition.

AND OMG does this really happen? cuz i think now i can conjecture as to why i was a social pariah. Are feelings the primary mover for most homo sapiens? I thought it might be reason but i guess this is a very specific circumstance and the parties involved do prioritize feelings and assumptions before reason? When we go around acting motivated by feelings, judgings, and assessings how others view us doesnt seem to fit the criteria for distinct layers of metacognitive states. Perhaps if one were to ask why is there judgement in the first place and in the second do i care enough to act on it? At the very least ask, 'do u think that was bad?"

I dont even understand why all these feelings are being volleyed around when they dont have to be. Are these intrinsic cognitive acts or an extrinsic ones? Is this a first person layer or a third person layer or is it the layer of the author's metacognition?

I don't think that some of your feelings (the examples' feelings) count as different levels of metacognition. The first person would still run into a self reference recursion, e.g. the feelings of their feelings and thoughts on their thoughts ad inf.. The only person for whom perhaps more levels of metacognition exists is the third person omniscient. I think that these may prove to be factors when developing ideas about levels and layers of metacognition and perhaps as an actor in this scenario, ironically peel away and simplify the layers.

I hope that this heuristic is not the norm for our kind in society; The amount of hours wasted must be staggering.

Actions and Words: Akrasia and the Fruit of Self-Knowledge

Interesting discussion. Does knowledge drive action? Perhaps, but what type of knowledge and how much certainty is sufficient to overcome akrasia? I am reminded of Hamlet's "To be or not to be.." Act 3 scene 1 of "Hamlet." When does knowledge itself become the justification of akrasia?