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Answer by Marta30

Limited number of groups and community events outside of the US/London (I'm from CEE, there are some groups, but not that many). It limits the possibility of in-person interaction. So, in a long-term, LW can only be my "online" community, not a "real life group of friends". Currently I regard EA events as a best way to meet rationalists, and, to be frank, it would be cool to have also other option and separate those two. 


Hi all, 

nice to meet you! I've been silently reading LW for the past 4ish years (really enjoyed it), even went to CFAR workshops (really enjoyed it), I regard myself as a rationalist overall (usually enjoy it, sometimes, as expected, it's a bit hard) but so far felt too shy to comment. But now I have a question, so well, it leaves me with a very little choice ;). 

Is it possible to export LW series to PDF? I don't like reading on my computer, accessing forum from my e-reader each time is a pain, and I really would like to read, for example, the whole "2022 MIRI alignment discussion". Any advice here?