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Howmany believers in the supernatural examples given in this post would after reading this post remain believing the supernatural?

About teaching ID as science, isn't it often done before learning how to do scientific research?

People seem to learn about God, bible, while they still believe in Santa .

The margin for what is considered reasonable makes this hard.

For example, ten briefcase holding passengers, ready to leave the plain, would probably urge someone to make room when they start to reach for the first bag of a total of seven while blocking the way.

Some people will not want to hold up a line when they judge their actions will hold up the line for a long time. But at some point you have to get up, you cannot stay in the plane and not everyone can be last :D.

But it must be frustrating if you are ready to walk out the plane, that fellow passengers decide it is reasonable to start blocking your way.

An Alien being a human in a funny suit due to budget reasons seems logical for television and film. A SF novel has no costume budget restriction. How much weight do human traits in aliens have in the readers picture of the alien? Do human traits make the alien believable, enjoyable. What is the commercial value of human like aliens vs. alien aliens?