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Nick_Tarleton, this is just proving that, while you may have processed the fundamentals of correspondance bias, you have not completely processed the concept of false consensus, as you are using an example of this in your post.

You say "Shouldn't we all care about saving the world?", this is false consensus; assuming your opinion would be mirrored by a gross overestimate of relevant individuals than the actual statistic of individuals that share your opinion. While Kavembuangga is demonstrating, with your interpretation of the quote you sampled, extreme cynicism, and you yourself are demonstrating extreme optimism, both are examples of false consensus and correspondance bias. You, I believe, have, unfortunately, fallen into the hole you were warned the location of, told the way to avoid, and given the means to avoid in this article.

In answer to your question, I would say "It depends on the circumstances surrounding, and the opinions constructing that individual.".

Personally, I think it is because, in this post, all you are really saying is: "Who cares? Whether I press red button or the green button is irrelevant.". This opinion is completely disregarding the topic, the topic being, rather, the psychology of one's opinion of others' and one's own actions.

This article is saying, in essence, one believes one's own actions are perfectly normal due to one's natural subjective sympathy of one's self, due to false consensus, due to extenuating circumstances, or any other reason, and that one's actions cannot, in any way, be credited due to innate personality traits. However, on the other hand, one, unable to ascertain the single one of many possible circumstances that may have befallen another individual, automatically assumes that others' actions are due to innate personality traits, for lack of further information.

This discussion is not, in any way, about the point or pointlessness of the example presented in order to aid in the further understanding of correspondence bias.

Therefore, your post is completely irrelevant to the topic at hand and contribute nothing to the discussion. That is, most likely, why people keep down-voting your posts.