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I think a lot of people think Sydney/Bing Chat is GPT 4

Human can manipulate animals and make them do what they want. So could AI

Or they're desperate. And/or don't trust themselves to be ok if the idea fails.

"mistrust" is not the best approach here. Mistrusting yourself or your ideas can lead to misery and feeling lackadaisical. Could lead to lacking motivation to pursue an idea as hard as you otherwise might.

"Openness" is a better idea imo. Openness to the idea failing or taking some adjustment to reach success, openness to it succeeding as well. Looking at ideas not just as a way to achieve success, but test the view you have on the world, a way to learn something new about the world through testing it and working on it.

Is trying to reduce internet usage and maybe reducing the amount of data AI companies have to work with something that is at all feasible?