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The way you describe the consequences of the invention of the Duplicator completely ignores ordinary human qualities. First of all, human ambitions. If you copy a brilliant CEO to replace all middle managers with him, then none of these copies will want to be a middle manager. Or you will have to change their brains so that they are happy with their subordinate position (which is doubtful from the moral side... like this idea in general). If you copy the brilliant president who ruled the country, then the copy discovers that her personal ambitions are not satisfied - he is no longer ruling the country. Similarly with all other options.

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"For spreading false information about the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation under the guise of reliable reports, a fine of 700 thousand to 1.5 million rubles or a penalty of up to three years in prison is provided.


For spreading a fake using one's official position, by a group of persons or by a group of persons with artificial creation of evidence of the prosecution, the penalty will be from five to 10 years in prison. If deliberately false information entailed serious consequences, a penalty of 10 to 15 years in prison is provided."

I was talking about the war in Cyprus.



As far as I remember, Turkey and Greece, NATO members, were at war with each other.

After studying the situation of Ukraine's economy after 1991 in recent days, I am not surprised by those who think so.


Yes, a nuclear war would not destroy humanity completely. This is not relevant to this issue. From the fact that there was no nuclear war, we cannot deduce in any way what its probability was. The probability can be deduced only from a thorough assessment of the incidents themselves (the Caribbean crisis and 1983 and other examples) and the possibilities of other incidents.
I hope the translator translated it correctly...

I will add that we do not know what the probability of nuclear escalation was during the Cold War. Perhaps there was a 50 or 90 percent risk of war. Survivorship bias.

Crimea was also an autonomy, but its independence and the referendum on joining the Russian Federation was not recognized in the world.

Today's news.
Turkey abstained from voting on the suspension of Russia's rights in the Council of Europe.

The US is critically dependent on the production of microchips in Taiwan, there are only economic reasons. The United States has no economic interests in Ukraine.

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