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It's pretty obvious that ANY way is better than having your entire species being raped by somewhat Untranslatable. Three worlds are meant to be separate. If the Superhappies met us now, in 2020, they would've pressed the destroy button immediately. There's no way they were able to discuss anything with nowadays humans, which know rape and prefer violence in every aspect of our existance. The later humankind is more likely to suffice but even Akon is unwilling to being EVEN virtually raped. It is a high indicator that humans are not changing by any force (other than maybe time itself).

The aliens should've talked to great teacher Onizuka or Sherlock or doctor House rather than those cowards who were too afraid to discuss other options.

As for the endings... The first one seems like you prefer to surrender to the will of the culprit, while he feeds you drugs to always be happy and all the while rapes you (untill you destroy your pain and suffering issues, abandon your resistance skills and become unfeeling). There's some parallel to "Future" by Glukhovsky or "Brave New World" where they eat happiness pills all the time. And as for the children you produce, their destiny will be decided by the culprit, not you.

The second ending is that where you found a rusty knife and cut off your leg with it to escape the mantrap. At the same time it means the cycle of violence in human society will continue, more billions will die eventually. The pattern hasn't been broken. There is no need to count losses when any loss counts as A HYMN OF LOGIC PURE LIKE STONES AND SACRIFICE.