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Some Simple Observations Five Years After Starting Mindfulness Meditation

Also thanks. I've started this book from one of your posts and am greatly satisfied, although not finished it yet.

One thing I'm curious about is if you've tried one of those EEG mindstate feedback thingies. I've recently acquired one and get the feeling that it could be a very effective tool to train 'getting attention back on track' skills, but not necessarily 'noticing when attention is getting off track' skills.

If you've tried them and want to share your thoughts I'd be happy to read them. Otherwise I might plan to review the device myself at some point.

Low Hanging fruit for buying a better life

I second the tragic-ness: That's 790 lives counting inflation.

Attention! Financial scam targeting Less Wrong users

If I wanted to run an experiment to test how susceptible to scams the LW community actually was, this is exactly how I would do it.