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Ahhh, my mistake! 😅 Both words sound similar to me for some reason haha.

But now that I think about it, I bet one could get some good thinking done with a non-intellectually 

stimulating job. Perhaps a level of physical activeness helps (eg. bar bouncing, waiting tables, barista)

What do you think?

Answer by KullyJul 31, 202220

Hi Tom,

Hmmm, really interesting points and background you have. It's cool that you enjoyed and gravitated towards the abstract stuff rather than the practical (I was quite the opposite for my B Sc. in Math).

I'm curious, why do you think that is? Do you enjoy covering new ground, the art of problem solving, etc.?


Another question I would ask yourself is how important is money to you? Do you have any financial goals? It sounds like you could have the skill set for a high-paying programming job. Maybe a type of math related job on the trading floor where you are forced to innovate different ways of modelling things, working tightly with a team?


Another random idea I'd throw out is the idea of a sinecure: think Einstein at the patent post office. Maybe you are content making a moderate sum of money doing something with concrete deadlines and tasks where you can easily check boxes, but also want to stimulate your brain with a good team that pushes each other in their own respect.


I work on a lot of personal projects outside of my job-job, and I have found Discord is a great way of making those connections.


I hope these prompts were helpful; happy to follow up for more ideation. :)