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[LINK] Larry = Harry sans magic? Google vs. Death

Google have processing power backed by trained engineers, which might be important too. Google can do things like "Folding@home" on their own.

Rationality Quotes December 2011

And then there's three guys spending over 500 hours to recreate the first two minutes and twenty seconds of Super Mario Land using more than 18 million Minecraft blocks.

I suspect it can be done programmatically, by wiring MC server to emulator, in less than 50 hours.

Rationality Quotes November 2011

Pfft. Even magenta doesn't fit in the light spectrum. Are you terrified yet? :)

Open Thread: September 2011

No, I'm not talking about the basis to criticize technology, but more about of actual target of criticism. Disclaimer: there sure are technologies that can do more harm than good. Here I will concentrate on communications, as you picked it as being one of the top problematic technologies.

For me, it all boils down to constructive side of criticism: should we change the technologies of the way we use them? Because I think in first case, new technologies will be used with the same drawbacks for humans as old ones. In the second case, successful usage patterns can be applied to new technologies as well.

For example, rather than limit the usage of communication technologies or change the comm technology itself, maybe we should focus on how the people use them. Make television more social. Or make going out with other people more easy and fun. Promote social interaction and activities using existing technologies, not relying on some magic future technology that will solve the existing problems. I think building the solution around existing technologies is a faster way than waiting for new ones.

Surely, there are technology side and social/culture side of the problem. But we cannot change any of these fast. We can only expand one to help the other. For example, on one programming site, around two years after its creation, people started to organize meetups in local places, much like LW meetups. Then, year later, other group on the site organized soccer games between different site users. The people liked it. And it doesn't take much time because they were building around existing stuff.

Also, sorry for my english. It's not my main language.

Open Thread: September 2011

Sorry, but isn't this the criticism of inappropriate use of technologies rather than technologies itself?

Your inner Google

It will not return any specific person even if you speak Google: a person -"Genghis Khan"

A History of Bayes' Theorem

Calculated from gravitational force.

A History of Bayes' Theorem

I think vegetarian-carnivore metaphor here doesn't help at all :)

Secrets of the eliminati

I mean it could not be visible from a game log (for complex games). We will see the combination of pieces when game ends (ending condition), but it can be not enough.

Secrets of the eliminati

Well, even if we have conditions to end game we still don't know if player's goal is to end the game (poker) or to avoid ending it for as long as possible (Jenga). We can try to deduce it empirically (if it's possible to end game on first turn effortlesly, then goal is to keep going), but I'm not sure if it applies to all games.

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