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Welcome and Open Thread June 2019

Where do I start on this conquest?

Welcome and Open Thread June 2019

Just staying alive would be fine. I believe that living on is equal to being a better person. Working on rationality might help me with doing so.

Welcome and Open Thread June 2019

Hello, I am Kyo. I am new here, and I hope to become a better person. Thank you.

How long can people be productive in [time period]?
Answer by KyoMay 31, 20194

It heavily depends on how hard one's work is and how much time one has. From my personal experience:

1. I used to learn English around 5-8 hours everyday by reading native books that I did not understand.

2. I studied Japanese during three days for 10 hours each day, which resulted in 300 kanji learned in total.

Taking that into account, my personal opinion is that four hours/day is not a border, and one needs to explore his limits on his own.