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done. I always like doing these. how will the SSC version be different?

note that it took MIRI quite a long time to get where they are now, about 7 years? in those years FAI was very hard to communicate, but the situation is better now.

I suspect a similar thing may be going on with connection theory, as most of the critics of it don't seem to know very much about it, but are quick to criticize.

taken. I did the whole thing! it actually wasn't that long.

took it. It's interesting to see how the questions change every time I take one of these.

Mark Cuban asking Skip Bayless to Be Specific

it seems that in addition to being terrible forecasters of winning teams, many sports commentators don't even understand the game they are talking about (or it might just be skip, but mark seems to think it's a general problem)

I'm planning on doing this- is there any particular type of feedback you want?

I could also meaninglessly answer that the length is more important, as it will always be equal or bigger.

the key to finding a wrong question is finding that the answer doesn't help the person who asked it.