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The one that makes people think cognitive biases are distinct entities.


I'd put some more information on my knowledge and more specific skills.

I often try to persuade myself i'll change some part of my behaviour at some peculiar point of time instead of researching why i still haven't done this. By "overcoming myself" i mean modifying the behaviour one part of me doesn't like in favour of some other behaviour some other part of me doesn't like.

I'm going to stop making new years resolutions and stop behaving like i need to "overcome" myself in favour of some poorly explored goals and social stimuli.

Suppose you don't have any time to figure out which people would be better. And suppose no one else will know that you were able to pull a switch.

Then my current algorythms will do the habitual stuff I'm used to do in similar situations or randomly explore the possible outcomes (as in "play"), like in every other severely constrained situation.

Honestly, it seems like your notion of ethics is borderline psychopathic.

What does this mean?

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