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Miracle Mineral Supplement

When I read the title I thought you'd be presenting us with an ad for a fake snake oil cure, mocking alternative medicine. The truth is far more horrifying than fiction.

What I don't understand is how this got into the market in the first place. Don't they have to pass regulations first? Or was he making it in his basement like a meth cook? Now I think most alternative medicine is over-priced placebo for gullible rich twits, but this crosses the line. I have to commend Rhys Morgan for exposing this consumer hazard. At the age of 17, he's already done much more than most will ever do. He'll make a fine addition to the skeptic community.

Welcome to Less Wrong! (July 2012)

Hey there! I'm a 19-year old Canadian girl with a love for science, science fiction, cartoons, RPGs, Wayne Rowley, learning, reading, music, humour, and a few thousand other things.

Like many I found this site via HPMOR. As a long-time fan of both science and Harry Potter, I was ultimately addicted from chapter one. It's hard to apply scientific analysis to a fictional universe while still keeping a sense of humour, and HPMOR executes this brilliantly. My only complaint ( all apologies to Mr. Yudkowsky, though I doubt he'll ever read this) are that Harry comes off as rather Sue-ish. I wanted more, so I came here and found yet more excellent excellent writings. The story about the Pebblesorters is my personal favourite.

I'm mad about music. Queen, Rush, Black Sabbath, and Bowie are some of my favourite bands. I have a Telecaster, which I use mostly to play blues. God I love the blues. But I digress..

Though I'm merely a high school graduate looking for a part-time job, I'm really passionate about biology. I'm the kind of person who reads about sodium-potassium pumps not because it's on the the upcoming quiz, but because it indulges my curiousity about how humans and other lifeforms work. (Don't get me started about speculative xenobiology!)

I've lurked this site for about 7 months now and I really hope that I'll be accepted here in spite of my laconic, idiosyncratic, comma-ridden ramblings. Thank You.