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Grading on appearance is unconscionable and should be a federal crime but in my experience it's very wide spread. Phd's who do it say they're right, but they can't offer any justification. "It just is" is not an argument, it's the ABSENCE of an argument. How is grading children on their appearance (and this happens) not child abuse? It causes emotional harm and may very well cause permanent cognitive damage. Grading on looks is an abomination born of eugenics, and it smacks palpably of Hitler and Nazi Germany. As someone personally abused by this, I consider it to be nothing short of evil.

I see mention here of some correlation between looks and intelligence. It is frequently true, but not an absolute. And it's very possible that the cognitive advantages that come with better looks are to some degree the result of the enhanced nurturing, positive attention and social interaction they receive/partake of during their developmental years.