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I've been a lurker for a long time. I'll attempt to engage more from now on.


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I feel like this idea has the added benefit of getting to know oneself better. I think that some of what I tell myself of my preferences is not really the truth. The idea of analyzing if a quality is crucial by mentally changing its magnitude and thinking about the effect is especially interesting. The completeness and removal checks are also really cool ideas.

As an example, I was looking at 5 man soccer. I really enjoy playing 5 man soccer. When evaluating this, my diagram looked something like:

Inputs: Time, energy, money, organizational effort, interference with other fitness endeavors, effort

Outputs: Exercise, fun, socialization

And looking at those goals this seems like a terrible exchange. I can get much better return on investment via other means if my goals were those. I'm not socializing much at the game. I can have more fun doing other stuff. I can keep in shape more efficiently by other means. But, I still felt uneasy about the decision to quit. That's when I realized that I was failing at the completeness check. What I really get out of this activity is a mixture of: possibility of being competitive in a low stakes environment, primal animal team cooperation effort and vanity in seeing myself improve.

Thus, after all this, I don't think that I will change my behavior, but I understand it much better than I did before.