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Ohhhh... oh so many things I could substitute for the word 'Zebra'....


How are you going to be 'sure' that there is no landmine when you decide to step?

Are you going to have many 'experts' check your work before you'll trust it? Who are these experts if you are occupying the highest intellectual orbital? How will you know they're not YesMen?

Even if you ...(read more)

Eliezer, How do you envision the realistic consequences of mob-created AGI? Do you see it creeping up piece by piece with successive improvements until it reaches a level beyond our control,

Or do you see it as something that will explosively take over once one essential algorithm has been put int...(read more)

What I think is a far more likely scenario than missing out on the mysterious essence of rightness by indulging the collective human id, is that what 'humans' want as a complied whole is not what we'll want as individuals. Phil might be aesthetically pleased by a coherent metamorality, and distress...(read more)

Actually, I CANNOT grasp what life being 'meaningful' well... means. Meaningful to what? To the universe? That only makes sense if you believe there is some objective judge of what state of the universe is best. And then, why should *we* care? Cuz we should? HUH? Meaningful to us? Well yes-...(read more)

I second Valter and Ben. It's hard for me to grasp that you actually believed there was any meaning to life at all, let alone with high confidence. Any ideas on where that came from? The thought, "But what if life is meaningless?" hardly seems like a "Tiny Note of Discord," but like a huge epipha...(read more)

Greindl, Ah, but could not one be overconfident in their *ability* to handle uncertainties? People might interpret your well-reasoned arguments about uncertain things as arrogant if you do not acknowledge the existence of unknown variables. Thus, you might say, "If there's a 70% probability of X, ...(read more)

By George! You all need to make a hollywood blockbuster about the singularity and get all these national-security soccor moms screaming hellfire about regulating nanotechnology... "THE END IS NEAR!" I mean, with 'Left Behind' being so popular and all, your cause should fit right into the current ...(read more)

I understand that there are many ways in which nanotechnology could be dangerous, even to the point of posing extinction risks, but I do not understand why these risks seem inevitable. I would find it much more likely that humanity will invent some nanotech device that gets out of hand, poisons a w...(read more)