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I read this and all I could think of was myself and a script I have just been running away from writing. I talk more about it than I do actually writing it because the first draft got some criticism. I should just write the 2nd draft, get to know what I did wrong, what I did better and keep writing. How else would I improve if the thought remains only in my head?

For the hotel example I think slowing down initially isn't a bad idea. It allows your mind room to think but you don't want to stay at that speed because you do want to get to the hotel eventually. You need to in that time make a decision, forward or backward and strategy to adopt so you don't speed up and still maybe miss seeing the hotel because you are driving fast in unfamiliar territory.

Having a strategy with which is speed N can be a good approach and also stopping to ask questions. Either way, i think the tug of war going on in the mind is a necessary tool that slows us down, gives the mind time to think before preceding