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> _“_[A shy person cannot learn, an impatient person cannot teach](”

The translation you linked actually gives "A person prone to being ashamed cannot learn," which is even more on the nose. Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with this issue? I ...(read more)

The Wikipedia link on amphibian decline mentioned the effects of artificial lighting on the behavior of insect prey species as a possible contributor. I suppose it’s possible that that’s a factor in the observations from the German study as well, particularly since they only looked at flying insects...(read more)

> • How to be aware of other people’s points of view without merging with them

> ...

> • How to restrain yourself from anger or upset

> • How to take unflattering comments or disagreement in stride

> ...

> • How to resist impulses to evade the issue or make misleading points

> ...

> • How to ...(read more)

Toastmasters? Never tried them myself, but I get the impression that they aim to do pretty much the thing you're looking for.

Groups of friends often coalesce around common interests. This group of friends coalesced around a common interest in rationality and self-improvement. That this is possible to do is potentially useful information to other people who are interested in rationality and self-improvement and making new ...(read more)