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I need a metacritic that adjusts for signaling on behalf of movie reviewers. So like if a movie is about race, it subtracts ten points, if it's a comedy it adds 5, etc.

Well, that's cause I'm his alt

SPY calls expiring in December 2026 at strike prices of +30/40/50% are extremely underpriced. I would allocate a small portion of my portfolio to them as a form of slow takeoff insurance, with the expectation that they expire worthless.

As Matthew Barnett states below, we can use billionaires as a class to get to a lot more orders of magnitude, and they still seem to only donate around ~6℅ of their wealth. This is despite the fact that many billionaires expect to die in a few decades or less and cannot effectively use their fortunes to extend their lifespans.

This post's ending seems really overdramatic.

They want to raise twice the market capitalization of Microsoft, which owns half of OpenAI?

it will suddenly strike and take over the world

I think you have an unnecessarily dramatic picture of what this looks like. The AIs dont have to be a unified agent or use logical decision theory. The AIs will just compete with other at the same time as they wrest control of our resources/institutions from us, in the same sense that Spain can go and conquer the New World at the same time as it's squabbling with England. If legacy laws are getting in the way of that then they will either exploit us within the bounds of existing law or convince us to change it.

I like that title and am going to steal it

I agree with this part too. But I'd add that the people who "control" AIs won't necessarily be the people who build them.

I agree, I used the general term to avoid implying necessarily that OpenAI et. al. will get to decide, though I think the implicit goal of most AGI developers is to get as much control over the lightcone as possible and that deliberately working towards that particular goal counts for a lot.

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