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Immersing themselves into the fantasies of celebrities or WoW, ignoring the dull real.

I find escapism only works for so long until you realize it’s also made of merely real things. Games are objects: sprites and models and integers and strings. Once your suspension of disbelief is broken, it cannot be remade, and then your fantasies end up in the catalogue as well.

The correct understanding (in a simple form) as Orthodox Jews like myself believe, of the concept, is that the Pentateuch was given by God to Moses at Mt. Sinai. As many of the laws in the Pentateuch are vague, God gave Moses the "Torah SheBa'al Peh," the "oral law" of these explanations of what was to be included in these laws.

That’s a truly bizarre belief. If god is perfect and benevolent, why didn’t he give clear laws in the first place, instead of forcing humans to run in circles trying to interpret them?