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Browsed the net too much and found this. Time to weaponise dopamine. Anyone got a list of actions/objects/whatever and the amount of dopamine they produce?

Seriously now, why bother looking for the g-spot when you can just stuff two cheeseburgers down there..

First thing first: it's nice.

My (probably irrelevant) issue with it is that.. it kind of nulls all the effort that went into LW2. It's fine to make something as a prototype and eventually replace it, but "alternative" suggests that it exists side-by-side. This kind of double-effort just seems pointless. Why not just make the LW2 site better, rather than make another site and have two sites that do the same thing?

Also, I don't think commenting with your existing account is okay. Did they just hand you over the database? That does violate consent/trust. Why do more people need to know this particular email-password combination? If I can't trust you to NOT hand over my email-password combo to literally everyone then I'll be sending EY an email with a good argument for quantum suicide,'cause seriously, if a damn email address can't be contained we might as well pack it up right now, no chance to win against an AI.

When exactly did that happen? I haven't been here when the site was "highly active" (which I assume when EY was making the sequences posts) but do we have any statistics about it? I could build a small scraper and make a graph for dates and stuff, but somebody with access to the database could do it much better.

I don't remember ever seeing statistics on that.

Confession thread. I've been in love with LessWrong for about 5 years (my first post was this, found on 4chan. Maybe it isn't exceptional but it always had a place in my heart. In fact, it gave me the courage to get my first job when I was scared of being outside) and I've never admitted it. Now that it's about to go boom I can finally confess that, even though I've been a horrible student. Take that, LW2, you'll never be as awesome.

NEWSFLASH: HPMOR chapter 123 released: Something to protect: Less Wrong.

Excellent job. You got bonus points for writing it in Lisp. I assume you've read SICP?

Old site love thread.

Just curious how many people like, and possibly even prefer, the old site.

I'd also like to know if anyone else has terrible experience with site redesigns. They always, for some reason, end up terrible. Likelyhood of bias: 60%.

How do you move from a superficial relationship (I see you at work) to a more meaningful relationship? (friends)?

CFAR also has a booklist. Eliezer has one too, but says it's deprecated. There's the 'rationality' tag on on Goodreads, and it's up to you to decide if the books listed live up to it.

Is there a reason that members of the community can't game together online? This post on Overwatch provides at least a small amount of evidence that the community would have enough members interested to form teams, and team-building seems to be one of the goals.

That requires that you (in order of importance)

  1. Have good computer hardware to run the game
  2. Have good latency to the servers (for me specifically, but statistically I'd imagine there shouldn't be a big one)
  3. Have good skill at aiming
  4. Actually spend quite a bit of time learning all the game mechanics

As an ex-gamer I just realized that I can drop the games (still miss them sometimes) and focus on reading a book or do some better activity. Games are incredible fun, but so (at least from what I've been told) are plenty of drugs that you wouldn't want to do, and once you generalize it a little bit games can be seen as a drug themselves.

Many people disagree with the 'gaming is a waste of time' opinion. I wouldn't say totally, but most games focus on being like chocolate versus a salad to your mind.

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