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instead semi-sensible policies would get considered somewhere in the bureaucracy of the states?

Whilst normally having radical groups is useful for shifting the Overton window or abusing anchoring effects in this case study of environmentalism I think it backfired from what I can understand, given the polling data of public in the sample country already caring about the environment.

I think the hidden motives are basically rationalisation, I have found myself singlethinking those motives in the past nowadays I just bring those reasons to the centre-stage and try to actually find whether they align with my commitments instead of motivated stopping. Sometimes I just corner my motivated reasoning (bottom line) so bad (since it's not that hard to just do expected consequentialist reasoning properly for day to day stuff) that instead of my brain trying to come up with better reasoning it just makes the idea of the impulsive action more salient, some urge along the lines of "think less and intuit/act more".  


Also I have personally used this concept of "intellectual masturbation" to divert discussions away from potentially philosophical bomb to more relevant topics it's much better to reduce the philosophical jargon in day to day conversations lol.

37 spotted! Fun fact 37 is one of the subs-consciously more typical 2 digit number our mind stores for the similarity cluster of random number.  I found a good video and website on this topic.

Ever since they killed (or made it harder to host) nitter,rss,guest accounts etc. Twitter has been out of my life for the better. I find the twitter UX in terms of performance, chronological posts, subscriptions to be sub-optimal. If I do create an account my "home" feed has too much ingroup v/s outgroup kind of content (even within tech enthusiasts circle thanks to the AI safety vs e/acc debate etc), verified users are over-represented by design but it buries the good posts from non-verified. Elon is trying wayy too hard to prevent AI web scrapers ruining my workflow

The gray fallacy strikes again, the point is to be lesswrong! 

Most of this just seems to be nitpicking lack of specificity of implicit assumptions which were self-evident (to me), the criticism regarding "blue" pretty much depends on whether the html blue also needs an interpreter(Eg;human brain) to extract the information. 

The lack of formality seems (to me as a new user) a repeated criticism of the sequences but, I thought that was also a self-evident assumption (maybe I'm just falling prey to the expecting short inferential distance bias) I think Eliezer has mentioned 16 years ago here:

"This blog is directed at a wider audience at least half the time, according to its policy. I'm not sure how else you think this post should have been written." 


I personally find sequences to be useful aggregator of various ideas I seem to find intriguing at the moment...

I found a related article prior to this on this topic which seems to be expanding about the same thing.

Like "IRC chat"

I don't think that aged well :)

It would also be quite terrible for safety if AGI was developed during a global war, which seems uncomfortably likely (~10% imo).

This may be likely, iirc during wars countries tend to spend more on research and they could potentially just race to AGI like what happened with space race. Which could make hard takeoff even more likely.

I laughed multiple times while reading this one. I was severely underestimating the general concept of intelligence. Almost felt like someone intentionally targeted my past self's misconceptions lol.

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