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Many inflammatory pathways are tightly regulated, often because they involve chain reactions. Some of the PUFA metabolites, like 4HNE, can directly adduct to proteins and DNA. Considering we are systems meant to detect small amounts of damage in order to mount an inflammatory response, even the tiniest amount of some of those hydroperoxides can be problematic. Many of these molecules are reactive to UV light, and the most common report from the anti PUFA crowd is a complete stop to sunburns. Meaning people who used to burn within 10 minutes now require a few hours of direct exposure to get an inflammatory response. I can confirm this on myself (I live in the desert).

There is also a similar, lesser known "Israeli Paradox", where we consume less saturated fat and more unsaturated, and have worse cardiovascular stats.

My interest in the this topic arose after a rather dramatic weight increase, insulin resistance increase, liver issues, kidney issues, all showed up when I was drafted into the IDF. The main change in my diet was seed oil, because I happened to consume very little of it or any other processed foods. Another change was an increase in sugar, but the health deterioration was rapid, and happened over about 2 months before getting discharged for the above health issues, which happened to reverse back at home.

My current vague working theory is that a combination of high fructose consumption and linoleic acid quickly harm the Liver, enabling the current onslaught of health problems. For some highly technical discussion of specific papers and mechanisms, I really recommend this blog, specifically his foi gras series of posts, and his Insulin sensitivity and resistance causing obesity. http://high-fat-nutrition.blogspot.com/ One of the interesting studies he mentions is a somewhat under powered one in mice: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/37267350/ In a podcast with anti seed oil crusader Tucker Goodrich, he mentions how the standard lab chow was also causing rapid Liver degeneration, and that the unsaturated fat content was often unknown, meaning plenty of studies that get thrown around here are basically noise. Tucker often mentions how there's no control group, and if there really is a threshold for this, all the studies in this field are crap.

One think I'd like to check out is data from Russia and other former Soviet countries, because they jumped on the (sunflower)seed oil train a bit earlier than the West did, so you should be able to check if they got here earlier.

There's a pretty good reason old Hunter Gatherer types obsess about maternal diet before pregnancy. I also expect to find a much higher number of postpartum issues after non first born births. Basically blame nutritional deficiencies for this effect.

You may be interested in the what Tucker Goodrich is doing, he's been reviewing the literature, and it's probably the Linoleic acid. He's pointed at the research on the direct stimulation of the endocanabinoid system by omega6. He's interviewed someone who studied Tributyl tin, an obesogen present at relevant doses in all of our environments, it also happens to agonize the same receptors omega6s do, and also has canabinoid activity.

Imagine trying to lose weight while smoking weed all day every day.

In Japan they use some Curcumin fructose beverage for hangovers. This guy made a video on it, check his sources if interested. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ij_aJI5O9Rs

I read that Copper deficiency can impact Iron absorption (causing deficiency). Zinc supplementation can cause Copper Deficiency.

Ray Peat claims the Hayflick limit is nonsense, but... It's Ray Peat, so apply salt. http://raypeat.com/articles/articles/stemcells.shtml

How scientific is the idea that there is nothing but science to learn? Or perhaps one must reinvent the wheel to drive a car.

To me, the answer to any of such questions, is "name is name". A reference to a thing is that thing itself, yet simultaneously not that thing. It is also always empty, and unbound. Or we can keep arguing in absolutes, and be sure the answer is always past the horizon.

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