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My experience at and around MIRI and CFAR (inspired by Zoe Curzi's writeup of experiences at Leverage)

Without disagreeing with any specific logical statement you have made, I call bullshit on this. You have quoted a short segment such that technically what you're saying is not false, but you're drawing a broader equivalence & request for social credit around "not wanting to be in factions" which is not valid in context of the fact that you are blatantly participating in a faction and doing factional protocols. People are usually on board with the idea of it being better to just talk rather than do politics, and I acknowledge & appreciate the sense in which you want to want to not do politics, but there is a game here which you are playing in and I wish you would own up to that.

why do trivial inconveniences matter?

meta note: formatting processing models as a conversing explorer-explainer pair may be useful for you as well. ymmv.

introducing: target stress

i think it's positive sum to exist-in-a-state which supports people using more explorative grammatical styles, because language is pretty constraining for expression for a lot of people and pushing them to optimize their language use helps a lot

this has the downside that poeple need to be capable of parsing different grammatical styles, but as far as i can tell on platforms where this is widespread literally everyone manages to do this because it's much easier than parsing different writing styles (which is necessary for anything involving a large number of people writing things)

if i put two spaces after the ends of sentences would that help you, oliver? like this. to make sentences more clearly delineated. (edit: i think they get removed automatically, is there a way i can make that not happen)

introducing: target stress


i model it as being really easy for most people to learn to read lowercase things which have sufficient paragraph breaks but if this is not the case i would stop doing that in mediums when people arent used to it

introducing: target stress

yes! in general, sensations associated with comfort (warm, soft, good textures, comfort foods, fireplaces, soft rain while being indoors, the presence of safe people, certain kinds of sunlight (through a window, onto something soft you can lie on and let it warm you), being indoors in general, etc) lower target stress and sensations which require being-tolerated or alertness raise it.

introducing: target stress

capital letters to denote sentence-start seem less useful to me than capital letters to denote a certain type of emphasis

also, it is a matter of principle that i should... check that people are paying enough attention to be willing to interact with atypical grammar

jeremybentham'sstolen head, whoever you are, i love you too