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Body temperature needs to drop by 1°C (2-3°F) degrees during sleep.  Dr. Huberman recommends to drop sleeping room temperature by at least 3°. Recommended room temperature for sleep is between 16 to 18°C (or 60-65°F).  Source - Dr. Matt Walker Podcast #14

There was no bickering in the Chernobyl control room (for example, check the interview with Boris Stolyarchuk). The character's portrayal in the TV series is completely fictional for dramatic purposes. The depiction of the events during the night of the accidents is also significantly fictionalized. See the INSAG-7 report for a factual description of the events. At no moment there was any indication that there is something wrong with the reactor. If  Dytalov had dropped dead that morning the accident most probably would have happened anyway few weeks/months later.