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I definitely agree to what you are trying to imply. This issues needs to be clarified and should be taken care of with the proper values but with but not in the extent that it would be senseless. We should really justify the means because it will definitely affect the ends of a certain thing or issues. Like large corporations do for their employees bu they are not credited as the best but the company itself. If you look at the track record over the last couple of decades, one begins to question the status of manyhttp://personalmoneystore.com/moneyblog/2010/02/02/108-large-corporations/ as institutions. For one, the many defective and harmful products, worker abuse, and numerous bankruptcies past and pending – Eastman Kodak and US Airways are both heading there – and the largest financial institutions can't manage money at all, needing basically what amounts to payday loans from the public. Apparently, even Harvard MBA programs can't keep people from being incompetent. I'm starting to think bonuses don't reward a good performance – it's a reward for not screwing the pooch entirely.