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Should I take glucosamine?

As an aside, though it addresses the actual question, I'm developping a model to do precisely what you ask: providing health guidance and dashboards tailored to the desire to know yourself, propensity to risk (or better risk aversion) and data you can generate. I'm focusing on the PoC and business side for now, so can't discuss the specifics here.

Should I take glucosamine?

As you said, it's a cohort study. The cohorts are pretty different (gluco/condro users were more white, educated, non-smorkers, physically active than non-users, though pretty older in comparisons) and the adjustment could be skewed by the small number of users. But, it's mostly harmless and the effect size looks promising. Personally I'd make a quick review of the literature to decide whether to commit to taking the supplement and set up an alert on Pubmed.

What is the impact of varying infectious dose of COVID-19?

New paper on downstream viral load stratified by source and severity

March 20th: Daily Coronavirus Links
Remdesevir (lopinavir + ritonavir) (HIV)

A little mistake with the parenthesis, they're different things

LessWrong 2.0 Feature Roadmap & Feature Suggestions

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ISO: Automated P-Hacking Detection

The title doesn't seem to fit well the question: P-Hacking Detection does not map well to replicability, even if the presence of P-hacking usually means that the study will not replicate.

I'm interested in automatic summarization of papers key characteristics (PICO, sample size, methods) and I'm starting to build something soon.

How would a better replacement for tissues look like?

You're referring to the general population I guess, so it could be a reusable device where you can blow your nose into, then a (manual?) vacuum system could suck the remaining mucus from the nostrils. In order to avoid the contact between hands and the pathogens, the device would be pressed to the nasal base, maybe with the thumb and the middle finger under the nostrils, with the index on the bridge of the nose. A size that fits in the pockets should be similar to a vaporizer pen, with mini plastic bags to throw when full, transparent in order to examine the content for medical purposes, and the bags should be rechargeable.

I can see a lot of engineering problems with that, but the function would be performed efficiently, unless I'm missing something.

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